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Rosh Hashanah 2016

Traditional chopped herring
Fish balls

Double boiled chicken broth with seasonal root vegetables
Roasted butternut pumpkin soup with a hint of spices

Black, white and red quinoa, roasted pumpkin, freekeh and lime honey dressing
Marinated mushroom salad with balsamic vinegar and sweet chili dressing

Tempura fish fingers, baby caper and chervil aioli
Oven baked Tuscan style petuna ocean trout
Crispy panko crumbed chicken escalope 
Chermoula crusted butterfly chicken
Honey, orange and cinnamon braised beef
Duqqa crusted lamb shoulder with lemon, marjoram and chimichurri sauce

Roast kumera and potato wedges, tossed in fennel salt
4 grain rice pilaf: basmati, brown, red and wild rice with aromatic seasoning

Coconut and passion-fruit sorbet terrine
Date, fig and walnut pudding, salted caramel sauce 
Granny smith apple tart
Flour-less callebaut chocolate cake